The underlying theme of a strength-based therapist is this:

“Most people are very good at articulating their problems, faults and the things they do wrong… they are seeking my help to acknowledge and understand their strengths, and potential for change and growth… it is my job to ensure that the therapy session balances problems with solutions, and perceived faults with perceived strengths.”

A Strength-Based Approach

I believe that everyone has innate skills readily available to them to help them take control of their own life. In Strength-Based therapy, I create hope and change by helping my clients to focus on and bring forth their potential, their abilities, successes and strengths. Together we look at the times the problem didn’t exist to understand what they are capable of and what has worked.

This is in contrast to a therapeutic intervention that focuses on defining problems, which often doesn’t leave space or time to focus on finding a solution to those problems. I prefer to encourage the client to articulate what they are hopeful about, what they are already doing well, what their unique strengths are, character traits can be used in the solution, and what is already working for them.

With a Strength-Based approach, I help people to find solutions to the challenges that prevent them from more fully becoming who they are.

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