My specializations include:

  • Moving through grief, loss and miscarriages
  • Facing substance abuse
  • Moving past anxiety and depression
  • Managing work and leadership stress
  • Identifying unhealthy relationships
  • Struggling with lesbian, gay, bisexual and questioning identities
  • Healing from childhood sexual assault and stranger rape
  • Recovering from domestic violence
  • Stepping into anger and stress management
  • Understanding the effects of separation, divorce and adjustment
  • Working with therapists in training
  • Utilizing EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)To resolve trauma, phobias and stuck places

Adult Psychotherapy

Are you having difficulty healing from a significant life event like a death, trauma, or a difficult relationship? Have you been hurt or are you hurting the people in your life because of anger management or substance abuse issues? Do you simply feel as though something is wrong?

A lot of different factors forge who we are today. This includes cultural and ethnic experiences and traditions, relationships with family and friends, partner choices, substance abuse, child hood wounds, and traumatic events. By exploring a person’s history, life experiences, motivations, thoughts and feelings, I help men and women tell their stories with compassion and a deeper understanding of their feelings and thoughts.

My work helps anyone in deconstructing and critically evaluating long-held beliefs, ideas and outdated stories they tell about themselves. Through collaborative effort, I assist people in contemplating the issues they are facing and bring deeper understanding to the situation. Clients discover and connect to their stories of strength and resilience, learn to build on them, and get to practice new behaviors in a safe and healing environment.  From here, they can learn to come through the other side of the problem, begin to heal and live a more productive, fulfilling life.

The real expert in our sessions is you – you know your life experiences best. I help facilitate a path for you to work through obstacles and reach your life goals. Learn more about my work here

You can start living the life you want – please contact me to get started.